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and reform entitlements looking at the health-care programs and retirement programs, to are under real stress -- which are under real stress. any plan has to look at all parts of the budget. the fiscal cliff is an across- the-board whack and that would put us back into recession. we can protect people that depend on these programs and so that we do raise significant revenues. we believe any plan has to be a bipartisan. it is about the country. it's interesting is how many people have stepped forward and saying to congress, stop making the situation worse. if you make the hard choices, the campaign to fix the debt will be there. a group of people are saying we support you in making hard choices. so far, we do not see that fix in place. there is real risk to the economy if we wait too long. host: you spend some time on wall street. the market was down on friday. could it happened this week? guest: anything could happen this week. the markets don't know what to make about what is going on on capitol hill. we do not know what kind of deal is going to come out of this. it seems impossible the deal
not need to have the most expensive and least efficient health-care system of the major countries, and we could do it by taking principles that are being applied now in some states and are part of that health-care reform. this is within our capacity and what we should have focused on. host: "the washington times" has this headline -- let's look at what nancy pelosi have to say about passage of the bill. here is a statement her office . yet you voted against it. guest: i have a great deal of respect for what and nancy pelosi did, fighting for principles that would not be there but for her focus and the determination of the democratic caucus. there are a number of provisions that i care deeply about i have been the leading sponsor of extending renewable energy, for example. what, i guess, is missing here in this equation is being able to actually implement the reform. i think the work that leader nancy pelosi did, if it were focused on the bigger picture, if the administration made clear, for instance, that we would not have a deal unless we dealt with the debt limit that has already been e
a retirement benefit, a health-care benefit, those are entitlements, two, up to and including the entitlements for the congressman. let's be fair. when they start talking about entitlements and hold it to those three items, let's hold their feet to the fire and make them talk about entitlements for the other folks, too. host: appreciate you calling this morning. donna writes about this on twitter. if that to facebook here. -- back to you facebook here. budget showdown hits the keep week. that is of the front page reminding us of the deadline looming. it is a bloomberg story here out of the district. i you can watch the byplay here on the c-span that works with the president heading back to town tonight. the senate and house are due back tomorrow. billy from jacksonville, florida, to life for waiting. caller: i am very optimistic but i worry that the president will not get a chance because lindsey gramm already stated he will fight. i think there will already be another big fight for the debt ceiling. host: how does that make you optimistic that? caller: they know they have to do something, and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3